The Results Are Amazing!

My son, Hunter, has suffered from chronic ear problems since birth. He had two sets of tubes, adenoids out, and many, many prescriptions during his first years of life. About four years ago, someone told me to try the chiropractor. The results are amazing!

Whenever Hunter starts to feel a little under the weather, we visit Dr. Groskopp. Hunter responds almost immediately to his adjustments. I’m so glad we’ve tried chiropractic treatment! Our 2nd son has been a patient since birth and has never had one ear problem.

Jessica Gade, Brillion

I Had Relief Almost Immediately!

I have been in severe pain for almost a year. I couldn’t turn over in bed without moaning. My lower back, the back of my thighs, my buttocks and my neck hurt so very bad. I went to my doctor and he gave me strong pain pills which caused me to vomit. He also sent me for x-rays, and I was diagnosed with severe arthritis. He then sent me to physical therapy. Therapy helped a little but I was still in severe pain every morning, I could barely walk when I tried to get out of bed. I did some sgtretch exercises which helped a little. I also tried some supplements – gelatin and Glucosamine Chondroitin. These didn’t help me.

A friend of mine told me that Dr. Groskopp helped her, and different people suggested I try a chiropractor. After Dr. Groskopp received my x-rays from my doctor, he started treatment. I had relief almost immediately. As time went on, I continued to improve. My children all noticed a difference in my walk. I could turn over in bed without pain. It took several treatments to get the stiffness and soreness out of my neck, but I can now turn my head quite far without pain.

Chiropractic care has made a big difference in my life. I walk more, do my housework and take care of my 6 month old great grandson. Besides these achievements, my blood pressure and blood glucose tests have improved greatly. I have lost over 20 lbs. I believe it is because I can move around more without pain, therefore I am doing more: housework, walking, shopping. I used to sit in the car when my husband and children went shopping. My daughter did most of the grocery shopping. Now I do most of it.

Thank you Dr. Groskopp for your care and treatment, adjusting my bones, and helping me to walk without pain and to move my neck from side to side without as much stiffness and pain. And, I no longer use any pain medication!

Phyllis Doxtator, Brillion

Dr. Groskopp is a Super Great Doctor!

I got a bad backache that wouldn’t go away within 2-3 days so my former boss told me to get help from a chiropractor doctor. He helped me tremendously.

I have new insoles in my shoes that really helps me to keep my balance better.

I think that Dr. Groskopp is a super great doctor. He helped me so much when I really needed it. Besides, he has a great sense of humor!

Lori Lerche, Potter

I Am Able to Do Things!

I had some back issues and also a stiff neck. Because of chiropractic care I am able to do things I wouldn’t be able to do without pain. Having a sound back takes care of everything and provides for wellness others can’t experience or aren’t willing to experience.

Bill Gosse, Greenleaf

Now All The Pain Has Subsided and I Have Range of Motion in My Shoulder!

I had severe pain and very limited mobility in my right shoulder. Now all the pain has subsided and I once again have range of motion in my shoulder. The unexpected surprise is that I have had a noticeable decrease in headaches and a stiff neck. I would highly recommend chiropractic care. The staff in this office were very compassionate and worked around my schedule so I could make appointments.

Jane Treichel, Brillion